Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the technology which is driven for analyzing the data which will be beneficial for the process in the long run depending upon the sector. It helps managers, executives to delegate the task and make it smooth as a process. More and More companies are adapting BI because it improves the efficiency within the organization, as a result it will increase the productivity of the company. Therefore in order to sustain into the more competitive market either you should adapt the new technology. Business Intelligence has the unique USP that it can share the information across all the departments.
BI is therefore the extraction of data into meaningful information that is useful for the business and can be set in for making business driven decisions. There are Core four pillars around which the BI revolves.
1. Data: It is important and the source of direct medium which contain measures and attributes and has a descriptive element related to it. All the attributes are quantitative, like the profit, percent growth, Production rate and Utilization etc.
2. Presentation: It makes lot of sense that all the data must be clustered in a presentable way so that it can be available for the users can extract data which is meaningful to them quickly.
3. Community: There are various communities who are the decision makers of the company. They are power users, IT Developers, and Architects they are useful when setting up a BI Platform. The community can also be broken into subject area of marketing, operations, sales, accounts payable etc.
4. Technological Platforms: The BI Platform is supported by one or more software products. Any business intelligence implementation should have a high level of overview for building BI system.

There are various functions which are involved for streamlining the process:
1. Reporting: It is a document that is being prepared daily, weekly or on monthly basis and refers to the specific periods, events, or occurrence in the company.
2. Budgeting: It is the plan of the industry upon which the future of the company is driven and is related to the financial health of the company. It is the act of to balance your expenses to your income.
3. Presentation of your business data: Presentation is required for any process in order to deliver the whereabouts of the company that what is the company into and what is the core business solution provided related to company which will benefit it and turn it into more profitable organization.
All the above listed points are required in order to improve the visibility of your organization and also improve the financial health of the organization. So in small as well as large scale enterprise the BI plays an important part in the organization. There is a distinct need of the data to be secured, and distributed efficiently to plan for the future prospect of the company. Business Intelligence directly sources the data from the data source. In Order to formulate a better Business Strategies in the company it requires BI for its solutions. Business Intelligence is used in order to collect, integrate, raw data into a meaningful source which create insightful business information.
Data Mining is also an integral part of BI because it sources the current trends of sales which are prevailing in the market; thereby develop serious marketing campaign which will be beneficial for the organization in the long run. As the words suggest Data Mining that is extracting the data from the past to predict the future sales growth and trends which are beneficial for the business? Why the lookers use the data for BI Platform:

1. Define Metrics one: Data analyst defines there business metrics which act as powerful tool to help i.e. create customer value, conversion rate etc. And also explain how table are related to each other to answers any data explorers questions.
2. Make Data Meaningful and Exquisite: It is of vital importance to make the data more meaning full and perfect that all the visual aspect which are being created and find it easy to read the reports and keep exploring.
3. Control Todays Technologies: There is lot of queries is there pertaining to massive amounts of data. Therefore the looker directly connects you to the database. In this process there is no need to download software and certainly there is no limitation to how much you can explore in the process.
4. Build a Data Culture: This revolves around the company when the whole company has the answers to the questions and take data driven decisions based on the facts extracted from the data.

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