Custom Application Development

Custom App Development is the development of the software and the ultimately upgrade the version so as to sync it with normal functioning in the company. Usually there are different phases in the software through which this development takes place. Initially this start with preparing the blueprint of the applications, and next carrying out technical, and functional specification of the product. Once the technical team approves the app is ready for implementation on the server. The technical document however analysis the shortcoming provided in the functional document and tries to solve it. The target audience may be different for different module so it highly recommendable to evolve only those application which are beneficial for the customer in the long run. In order to manage the app during the process the company hires developers to develop the exclusive package for them which is designed and executed by them. The company gives its requirement to the developer and then the developer accordingly customizes the application and gives it to the company. There are various services which come under this head they are:

IT Ridge Technologies creates, implements, integrates, and maintains custom software applications to help support your growth and achieve your business objectives. Our experience extends across all types of systems including:

1. Mobile App Development Servicess
2. Web Application Development Services
3. Cross Platform desktop app
4. App Programming Expertise
5. Enterprise Class app solutions

For digital transformation and application modernization of the services it is required to develop such software which improves the business objectives of the organization. There are six phases for any custom app development that has to be implemented in the organization or the company they are as follows:

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Application maintainance

1. Planning:
TThe first and the foremost priority of any development app is what are required in the company, which means which tool is required in order to sustain the development process. Planning kick off so that without any mistake the process can go live. There are certain tools which are being used for custom application development they are Ruby, Angular JS, ember.js, Cake PHP, Zend Framework, Phalcon.

2. Analysis:
This is done in order to do the analysis of the particular software. And plan out the strengths and weakness of the project. So in any case of discrepancy the project issues must be handled with care.

3. Design:
This is the most important part of the development process because it ascertains the building the architecture of the product upon which whole design stands. This step is also amicably used to remove all possible flaws by setting a standard and sticking to it.

4. Development and Implementation:
The actual work of application development goes when the data recording is going on in the background. Once the software is being developed then the software implementation comes into picture, where developers see that the software is functioning properly or is there any more loop holes which need to be sorted out before go live. This is done by keep both the technical and functional documents keeping in pace with the deployment of the software in the project.

5. Testing:
It is an integral part of any organization that the software is being tested across all the functions in order to fix any bugs or errors at this stage of the software.

6. Maintenance:
At all the stages when the software passes through all the stages, it has to undergo maintenance process wherein it will maintained from time to time and adapt to the changes done in the environment.

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The above illustrated diagram shows the feature starting from Evaluation, Contract sign off, Course Requirement, Storyboard, Production, and final release. The cost of software development is low as compared to other countries. Custom software developments is a big hit among clients who are able to get their business needs fulfilled at highly cost-effective rates