Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration is a powerful tool in technology system which is focused on electronic data interchange, product data exchange, which streamlines the gap between people, machines and computer. There by making the data more approachable, in a very effective coordinative manner. Therefore providing the right information at the right place, at the right time is core crux of enterprise integration. The solution which enterprise integration provides is:
1. It provides solutions to the issues
identified in enterprise integration
2. It provides solutions to other issues without relating it with each other.

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Therefore by the above illustrated example we can see the workflow diagram of Enterprise Integration. Enterprise Integration takes place within the system which is bound to have integration with other modules. It is a rapidly growing technology in distributed environment.

Now we will Understand why Enterprise and what are the needs of it:
1. Identify the Right Information: Knowledge can be created during different course of action.
Knowledge has to be structured in a way that it can communicate right information, at the right time and can optimize all the processes.
2. Provide the right information at the right time: It is that sharing the right information when required and that to at the right time across organizational boundaries is the main function of this system. In accordance with that there has to be integration in the processes. It is also very important for a group of organization to share the information in different operating system.
3. Update the information in actualization to real world example: It not only requires up-to date data but also the information which may start from new customers.
4. Co-ordinate business Process: This functions goes more over sharing of knowledge, it provides the decision making capabilities which provide decision support to the organization.
5. Organize and adapt the business enterprise and the environment: While up in the business the enterprise has to adapt the new environment because it is important to update corresponding to the new environment. It is very important to have filtered information in a structured way.

In order to retain business in the world of mobile API, SaaS, enterprise integration is important. The integration with the systems becomes a unified process allowing you to easily access the database across the enterprise. Organization needs the most efficient method to enable system connectivity. With respect to changing environment to possess its own data and protocol for problem solving in the system i.e. (Cloud, Legacy, Modern).It will not be wrong to say that there are enormous challenges which are being faced while doing business integration. Without a strong system to integrate systems and applications, organizations lack the business quickness to help move them forward. What businesses need is a solution to the point-to-point integration problem, providing order to the chaos within their enterprise environment.

Business Integration can take place within which the applications persist for Example:
1. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
3. Business Intelligence
4. Human Resources
5. E Commerce Systems

The entire above listed program fall under SAAS Category that is Software as a Service. -There are large capitalized benefits of Enterprise Application Integration.
1. Improvement in management and sharing of the data: Enterprise application software streamlines the process of the organization there by radiating data processing responsibilities.
2. Automation of the workflow: For example you can use SCM to gather information needed by the customer its future growth and its transparency in financial flow.
3. Flexibility in IT Infrastructure: It implies that it is easy to communicate within the enterprise and resolve all the IT related issues and solve them as early as possible. Therefore EAI streamlines all the process which is very important for any organization.
4. Increasing Efficiency:” It increases the efficiency communication easier, reduces time and effort and makes better functionality.EAI provides several financial benefits to transport and logistics company, bank, retail organization, and network providers. Therefore it is more important to say that Enterprise Resource Integration helps the organization to create new opportunities and address new marketing trends.