Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated Marketing is a performance-based strategy which connects merchants with individual marketers. In other words, affiliate marketing connects marketers who are ready to sell with a business that has products to sell. Affiliates are paid based on their performance or traffic that are converted to lead through the affiliate link. The cost of the product doesn’t vary with affiliate marketing but the product owner will save less due to commission paid for affiliates.
IT Ridge Technologies is offering Affiliate Marketing course for aspirants. After completion of the course at IT Ridge Technologies, you will be able to know how to select a highly profitable and high-quality product for promotion. We at IT Ridge Technologies, will provide you internship along with certification. IT Ridge technologies course will help you to gain on-site experience.

Who Can Become An Affiliate:

Affiliate marketers don’t work for a company, they work independently and have the option to work with any company. Anyone can become an Affiliate with minimum digital marketing skills like SEM(Search Engine Marketing), SMM(Social Media Marketing) and how to sell products online.

How To Become An Affiliate:

Retail and e-commerce sites will provide a registration option for affiliate marketers. Amazon is the best example of an affiliate program that lets marketers earn commission on new Amazon customers. Another way to become an affiliate is through surveying about customer’s favourite products and services and contacting companies regarding the affiliate program. Researching potential affiliate products at affiliate managers like Clickbank, junction and ShareASale.

How Affiliated Marketing Works:

A unique URL which includes affiliated ID will be received by marketers after being accepted into an affiliate program. This unique URL will be shared with site visitors, subscribers and many social networks through ads and text links. Any resulting product sale or any click on the affiliate link will be recorded by affiliate software. The affiliate is paid after the commission reaches a pre-determined threshold. The main motive of affiliate marketing is to get more customers to the product through your affiliate link.

There are many forms of affiliate marketing and reimbursement:

• Pay-per-link
• Pay-per-install
• Pay-per-sign-up
• Pay-per-lead
• Pay-per-click-out
• Pay-per-click
• Pay-per-sale

Best practices:

Most of the affiliates are successful only if the product they promote matches the interest of their subscribers or followers. Most of the successful marketers suggest promoting and recommending the products which are familiar by affiliates. Trust between the end-user and affiliate is achieved by the familiarity with the program, service and product. FTC guidelines suggest disclosing of affiliate link whether it’s on a website, tweet, social network status update, email message.

Course Duration 5 Weeks
Faculty/Trainers 6+ Years of Experience in the field
Training Level Beginner to Advanced
Number of Lectures 60 lectures
Training Materials Will be provided
Certificate Yes
Mode of Training Corporate and Online
Placement Assistance Yes
Oppurtunity Level Entry level to Advanced