Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is an approach to sales, communication, product and service that expand the forte of brand equity. It is the creation of a design or name which identifies and makes difference from other competitors. Apart from checking price, customers are more concerned about the trustworthiness and quality of the product. Brand name gives you a clear picture of the quality of the product and the company’s reputation. Branding will help in market identity like what they do, who are they, quality of the product they are offering. A company value grows constantly with brand marketing.
IT Ridge Technologies is providing you with a Branding course which involves developing strategic branding plans and equity. We at IT Ridge Technologies, cover a wide range of business topics like legal and ethical issues, relationship marketing, strategic marketing and economic fundamentals. IT Ridge Technologies will not only provide certification but also focuses on analytics and customer orientation which are crucial for developing strong brands. After the completion of the Branding course with IT Ridge Technologies, students can take up brand managers as their career. Apart from brand managers students can opt for marketing agencies.

Here are a few Branding Strategies:

Individual Branding:

Individual Branding is a unique strategy in which every product company product has a unique brand name. Even if one brand fails it won’t affect the other brands of the company. Best examples of individual branding are chex, distributes cheerios, Kix etc.,

Attitude Branding:

Attitude Branding presumes marketing a huge feeling which is associated with customers regarding your business. The feeling may be completely irrelevant and is all about personal identity, lifestyle or about a particular feeling.NCAA, Apple, Nike, Ed Hardy, New York Yankees are some of the best examples of Attitude Branding.

Private Labels:

Private Labels are well known as store brands which are more popular at supermarkets. Private Label products are manufactured under another company’s brand for sale. A wide range of industries from cosmetics to food Private Label goods is available. Food Lion, Kroger, Wal-Mart are the best examples of private labels.

Brand Extension:

Brand Extension is a brand new strategy in which a new product is launched under the current brand name. For example, a bag company is now making shoes, jackets and athletic wear then the brand name is carried forward to these products as well.

"No-brand" Branding:

Sometimes a minimal approach can speak loud. No-brand label products are often generic and simple. Muji, a Japanese company is a successful company with No-branding approach, which simply produces products with “no label”.

Crowd Sourcing:

Crowdsourcing is a process of outsourcing for brand creation. Customers will be given the chance for customers for naming a brand which efficiently drives up the interest of a product.

Course Duration 5 Weeks
Faculty/Trainers 6+ Years of Experience in the field
Training Level Beginner to Advanced
Number of Lectures 60 lectures
Training Materials Will be provided
Certificate Yes
Mode of Training Corporate and Online
Placement Assistance Yes
Oppurtunity Level Entry level to Advanced