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IT Ridge Technologies offers both Digital Marketing solutions and training. Being a trustworthy agency we are 100% transparent and offer a holistic approach. We stay up to date with industry changes and business integration makes us unique. Ours mapped out plans give unique solutions for each business.
Our Digital Marketing training is best suited for entrepreneurs, college students, marketing professionals and job seekers. It’s an experienced marketer’s initiative with a certificate as proof of training. Practical training with live projects and 24*7 support. Weekly assignments and placement assistance and peculiar heed on every student.
Customer satisfaction with cost-effective growth along with high value and measurable results. Digital marketing training and solutions forge us prominent in the market.

ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com
ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com
Our Digital Marketing Services and Trainings

A turnkey, results-driven service that is effective, risk-free and affordable to all businesses

"Our Corporate and Online Training Program Includes"

ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com

Search Engine Optimization

A process of optimizing the website which effects the ranking in a search engine that surge the quality and quantity of traffic

Curriculum Includes

  1. Keyword research and competition
  2. Content Ideas
  3. Rankings
  4. On-page Optimization
  5. Off-page Optimization
  6. Technical SEO
  7. White Hat SEO
  8. Black Hat SEO
  9. Penalty Guides
  10. Google Webmaster Tools
  11. Link Building
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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your business on social media for marketing your services, generate leads, create engagement.

Curriculum Includes

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Twitter Marketing
  3. Instagram Marketing
  4. Pinterest Marketing
  5. Youtube Marketing
  6. LinkedIn Marketing
  7. Social Networking
  8. Social Marketing Tools
  9. Social marketing Strategy
  10. Product Networking
  11. Product Marketing
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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com

Search Engine Marketing

Proliferates the visibility of the website in search engine result pages predominantly through paid services.

Curriculum Includes

  1. Understanding search engines
  2. Google Ad(s)
  3. Advertising campaign
  4. Keyword match types
  5. Pay Per Click
  6. Setting up the ad campaign
  7. Conversions and Lead generations
  8. Bing Ads
  9. Social Ads
  10. Use of Google Tools
  11. Remarketing
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E-Mail Marketing

Marketing directly with a group of people using Email to promote your services and products.

Curriculum Includes

  1. Open Rate
  2. Advertising campaign
  3. Deliverability
  4. Personalization
  5. List Cleaning/List Scrubbing/List Pruning
  7. Opt-In/Double Opt-In
  8. Unsubscribe/Opt-Out
  9. HTML Email/Plain Text Email
  10. Bounce Back
  11. A/B Testing
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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com

Content Marketing

Marketing technique by creating and distribution of valuable content for Search engine indexing and attracting customers.

Curriculum Includes

  1. Visual Content and Design
  2. Content Creation
  3. SEO and Content Marketing
  4. Purpose & Strategy
  5. Measurement and ROI
  6. Keyword Density
  7. Content Distribution and Promotion
  8. Content in Inbound Traffic
  9. Reach Out
  10. Content Mapping
  11. Social Media
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Recognization of your company by target customers that helps to promote your services and products.

Curriculum Includes

  1. Multi-Product Brand Strategy
  2. Multi-Branding Strategy
  3. Private Marketing
  4. Co-Branding
  5. Mixed Branding
  6. Brand Management
  7. Brand Attributes
  8. Brand Positioning
  9. Sources of Brand Identity
  10. Brand Loyalty
  11. Brand Awareness
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Affiliate Marketing

Performance-based business in which affiliates are benefited with each customer or visitors brought.

Curriculum Includes

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. How to Become an Affiliate
  3. How It Works
  4. Best Practices
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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com

  1. Training by an experienced team with innovative teaching skills.
  2. Working on real-time projects for training and gaining industrial experience.
  3. Separate project and personal attention for each student to gain insight.
  4. 100% job assistance for every student with the help of our corporate network.
  5. International broadcast standards with live examples for training.

ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com

  1. Personal attention on every student
  2. Training with real time projects
  3. Project will be given for each student separately
  4. Illuminating short cut secrets
  5. Offering splendid solutions to meet the entail of fortune listed organizations.
  6. Ensure for paramount viable returns on the investment of clients.
  7. Illuminating untold secrets for students while training.
  8. Dependable, accurate and fast business transactions
  9. Flexible with customer requirements and technologies.

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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies, itridgetech.com
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A Simple strategic solutions for complicated cliches

Digital Marketing is a keyword engrossed by almost all small, medium and large businesses. When it comes to Digital Marketing you can’t just “set it and forget it”, it needs tracking and monitoring every day to be a step ahead of competitors. SEO once involved adding keywords for a search engine to find, nowadays it is far likewise complex which involves a broader scope of consideration. One big crucial practice is to find the right marketing partner which solves the complicated cliches.
We at IT Ridge Technologies, had a brand experience to deal with complicated cliches. We just don’t do merely posting a job on social media, we prepare the right strategy for the target audience to meet the market requirements.SEO is an ever-evolving field, search engine and behaviour standards are changing in the blink of an eye