.Net Training

Microsoft .net is a component that can be added to Microsoft operating system. It provides a large body of pre-coded solutions that manages the executions of programs. While installing it we can find the streamline in the process of framework of user inter face, connectivity, data access, data connectivity, web application development and network communications. It was first released in 2002.The functions of the library are used by the programmers which makes it more visible in the market.

However Microsoft.net is designed with further intentions that is:
1. Interoperability (Computer Science Ability): It is because of the interactions between the programming languages or in the older or new versions is commonly required. So in this case net framework means to access functionality implemented in programs using UI Invoke feature.
2. Common Runtime Engine: Programming languages on the net framework compile into an common intermediate language.
3 language independence: Net frame work is common type systems that define all possible data types and because of this feature .net framework supports in development of multiple programming languages.
4 Simplified deployments: Installation of computer software must be managed carefully so that it does not interfere with previously installed software. Framework includes design features and tools that help addresses the requirement.
5 Security: .Net allows for code to run and support the platform independence. Last but not the least security is also the major feature in Microsoft .net.

Top five skillset that a Microsoft net developer should have.
1. .net MVC: .net Mvc that is model view controller is spreading over the market replacing many others and competing with it.
2. Understanding of client side technologies: A professional developer will understand the need of the customer and accordingly will deliver the functions adhering to the technology.
3. Data Base Application: Data is one of the most important aspects of the app development. The data needs to be secure and would be updated in terms of technology.
4. Microsoft certified solution developer: This is one of the USP features of the Microsoft .net as it gives certification to be a developer which gives enormous opportunities worldwide to be professional developer.
5. MVP Most Valued Professional: When you become a certified developer then off-course you will become a most valued professional which will acceptable worldwide. .NET Developer will have leadership quality and a high skill level of framework that differentiates from a regular developer to Microsoft certified developer.

The future of Microsoft.net is provided with multiple options across worldwide.

Course Duration 5 Weeks
Faculty/Trainers 6+ Years of Experience in the field
Training Level Beginner to Advanced
Number of Lectures 60 lectures
Training Materials Will be provided
Certificate Yes
Mode of Training Corporate and Online
Placement Assistance Yes
Oppurtunity Level Entry level to Advanced