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We at IT Ridge Technologies, render you well-planned and strategic marketing solutions. A well-designed website will give you a UX or positive user experience. The best web design ought to include collaborative design process, good web design, built-in SEO, easy to use CMS, responsive web design, E-commerce and Application Development, Rigorous reporting and analysis.
IT Technologies provides advanced front-end technologies such as HTML, Jquery, JavaScript, CSS, BootStrap and Angular JS to develop dynamic website interfaces. We also provide you with back end solutions for PHP, Django, Node Js, React Js, .NET and framework solutions like Express JS, Mongo DB.
IT Ridge Technologies” provides web services for small to a large business at flexible rates and time with complete customer service. Our maintenance services include monitoring, optimization or any extensions according to changing business needs. Our innovative team will provide new standards in web design and development. We also provide maintenance service for the websites we developed or any existing web sites.

ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies,
ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies,
Our Web Design and Development Solutions

A strategic & creative solutions for expert web development helps to grow your brand online

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App Design & Development

We offer world class solutions on Planning, research, app development, design and strategy.

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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies,

Branding Web Design

IT Ridge delivers branding strategic slolutions to improve the brand awareness and sales through Marketing

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ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies,

Corporate Websites

We develop quality websites from startup to multinational companies through extensive user research

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E-Commerce Web Development & Solutions

Our experienced team design and develops customisable e-commerce website and solutions for extensive business growth.

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Educational Web Design & Development

We are pioneers in Educational Web Design and Development which proffer websites for all educational institutions like schools and universities.

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Software Design and Development

Our experienced and dedicated team entails you with best custom Software Design and development solutions.

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We offer Web Development Trainings
and Services on

User Research

Employ experimental & observational methodologies to conduct User Research, involves qualitative methods.

Layout Design

We provide you with an aligned layout and graphic design with brand guidelines for quick execution.


Experts gives you UI / UX designs by understanding your business goals and solving your complex problems

Front End Coding

Our front end designers understand business logic and customer objectives to deliver unique and top-grade solutions

Backend Development

We deliver a variety of Back End Development services to deliver interactive & user-friendly applications.

Responsive Webdesign

Our company that delivers responsive web design services to enhance the experience of your website in all devices.

License and Validation

We verify control of your domain through licence & validation which helps your organisation stay away from cyber attacks.

Customer Support

We provide friendly assistance to our clients and recruit ideal candidates according to client requirements.

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We Solve

We Build Business Driven Projects

Biggest challenge faced by any bussiness is to expand its customer base and providing you with semantic code for designing, building and launching responsive websites visually. Offering custom blogs, portfolios, ecommerce stores and many more with flexible CMS. Flexible with the changing requirements and expectations of the clients. We used to have clear view on unclear, rigid and need to be changed requirements. and offer you website maintainence- you don’t have to deal with maintainence after the completion of development. We offer solutions to complex web challenges, distraction from your core services, staffing woes and website maintainence.

ITRidge, IT Ridge Technologies,

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